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Remembering MJ…

In the year since his passing, Michael’s music has enjoyed a vibrant resurgence among fans, both new and old, and is now prominently featured on my current playlist. His presence will forever be felt in the world of music, most notably through his own body of work, but also in his deep influence on every new generation of performers . Hopefully the grief is less now, for his family and those that knew and loved him. And since the most appropriate way to remember the man is through the joy of song and dance, I give you a look back at last year’s MTV Video Music Awards —Surprisingly, it is the ONLY televised industry tribute that actually got it right— and the show-stopping opening, in honor of MJ and his legacy… complete with an appearance from the fierce and lovely Miss Janet.

And for those in want of poignant reflection, here’s a previously linked video from Jay Smooth (my new fave) of (and, posted a few weeks after MJ passed. It encompasses pretty much every thought/reaction you might have had in the aftermath of it all… but he probably says it way better.

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