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Monthly Archives: June 2010

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[Review] Etrian Odyssey IV: Legends of the Titan

When the opportunity arises, exploration is necessary. If not by everyday people, then by those who step up to the challenge. whether or not it’s for fame and fortune is ultimately up to each individual. This simple idea is the driving factor in the Atlus’s

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6.7.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. PLAY Dusk Rings a Bell This Stephen Belber play is, simply put, absolutely fantastic. The work itself is engrossingly human and smartly written, but it is the stellar acting from the two-person cast that pushed the 90 minute experience into the sublime. Aside from

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MTV Movie Awards: Adapted for the Internet

Aziz Ansari is introduced by Justin Bieber (for whom I possess an irrational yet deeply intense desire to punch in the face). Also, Time Warner Cable can’t get their shit together and my cable keeps freezing so I miss like 2 out of 3 punchlines

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A Token Of Gratitude

Last night I realized something awful. I had mistakenly deleted 22 folders of music. Permanently. This is what I get for procrastinating and working on mixes at 3am. I was raised to be a loyal PC girl, so no Mac Time Machine for me. Needless

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Rue McClanahan Passed Away

Ok, now it’s my turn to actually be really really sad. I’m sitting at my desk sort of fighting back some tears here. Of course the Golden Girls weren’t going to live forever, but damn.

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Choosing an Email Address (a PSA)

Though many of our lovely readership are fellow geeks, we at Popten like to recognize those that aren’t always early adopters- and help whenever possible. This public service announcement is brought to you by the fine folks at The Oatmeal. First impressions are hard to