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6.21.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. MOVIE Joan Rivers: A Piece of Work

This glimpse into the original Queen of Funny is hilarious but more interestingly poignant. It’s a loving portrait of a difficult life and a woman whose career was and is everything to her. She might truly be the hardest working woman in show business, continuing to hone her skills in dives throughout the country, and despite the changing world, still outrageously shocking and funny… A

2. CONCERT Grizzly Bear

Taking the early set on the Williamsburg Waterfront, Grizzly Bear ably moved through a quick grouping of some familiar tunes and too many that weren’t. Unfortunately Grizzly Bear has such well-produced albums that the live set couldn’t match the fantastic sound they’re associated with. Hopefully with the amount of touring ahead of them, they’ll figure out how to bring something new to the live sound and overcome the inevitable comparison to their recorded works… B

3. CONCERT Band of Horses

After Grizzly Bear, it became clear why Band of Horses was the headlining act on the Williamsburg Waterfront’s first summer show. Band of Horses created an excellent set floating between the poppier items from the newest album with the more rocking and mellow hits from the previous releases. And thankfully, the band knows how to take their sound and bring it to a live act making for a more thrilling listening experience all perfectly matched to watching the sun set over Manhattan… A-

4. TV Work of Art: The Next Great Artist

I didn’t think Bravo had it in them to create a new reality competition show that actually might be interesting, but this might be it. In just two episodes, an interesting cast has been introduced alongside a great, if faulty, concept in which artists of various abilities are all given the same challenge regardless of what their specialty may be. The results are often intriguing and more often confused, but that’s art for you. It’ll be interesting to see how this pans out, as this art seems so much more subjective than the fashions on Project Runway or the food on Top ChefB+

5. EVENT World Cup

I can’t claim to have ever been interested in this in years previous, but then again, neither was America. But now that the fever has hit the city, it’s infectious. Watching the US play has been thrilling, especially as you watch hordes of people line up at bars at 7 in the morning to catch the latest game. Walking the streets of NYC you often hear random screams and yells emanating from the most random of places. There’s something quite lovely and galvanizing about a worldwide event bringing together the disparate peoples of NYC… A

6. FOOD Jive Turkey

This Clinton Hill eatery isn’t quite open for business yet in its new location, but I imagine it’ll be fantastic when it does. In the meantime, there was an outdoor grill serving up the most tender and juicy jerk chicken I’ve ever had. The jerk sauce was fantastically spicy, making the white bread absolutely essential to stop the lips from burning. Paired with a delicious and refreshing okra and pineapple salad, you truly can’t go wrong. I’m very much looking forward to revisiting once the full menu is available… A

7. MOVIE Only You

This romantic comedy is a bit on the ridiculous side but narrowly saved by the deft casting of Marisa Tomei, never more delightful, Robert Downey Jr., as charming as ever, and Bonnie Hunt, her usual acerbic enjoyable self. Surprisingly, the film stays away from becoming travel-porn with its use of Italy as a backdrop, but the hopelessly romantic plot doesn’t entirely captivate throughout especially in the third act when the inevitable ending is too inevitable to hold your attention… B

8. MOVIE Smiley Face

This movie about pot smoking, and pretty much nothing else, was rather painful to watch. The affects of pot don’t really make for fascinating film, but unfortunately in this case didn’t even work as a funny film. Anna Faris does her best to hold up the work and does a half-way decent job, but there’s absolutely nothing to grasp here with plot, character or interest… C

9. FOOD 44&X

This Hell’s Kitchen standby continues to serve up fantastic reliable food. Special for summer, start off with the watermelon salad matched with feta cheese and balsamic vinegar. The spicy salmon tartar is also a well-balanced way to begin the meal. For an entrée, you can never go wrong with the salmon, but the true treat is the mouthwatering rack of lamb… A

10. LOCATION Jones Beach

It is officially summer and therefore officially time to go to the beach. This beach locale is ridiculously expansive, confusingly so. There is so much beach between the car and the water and therefore so many people filling it all in. But it’s clean (BP hasn’t quite hit up here… yet) and had just enough of a breeze to make the direct sun manageable. A lovely escape from the city on weekend filled with lovely weather… B

2 thoughts on “6.21.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW”

  1. Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza says:

    I saw the Joan Rivers movie too! Man I loved it. Had no idea about her life story, and was incredibly surprised.

  2. Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza says:

    I saw the Joan Rivers movie too! Man I loved it. Had no idea about her life story, and was incredibly surprised.

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