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Top Ten Comments Defending Britney’s Telephone

So you probably heard (unless you’re living under a rock, or if you don’t care about pop music, which I find hard to believe) leaked a demo of an alleged Britney Spears singing “Telephone.” Remember friends, Lady Gaga was just a song writer back in the day, and I guess she originally wrote “Telephone” for Brit Brit. [like how I heard a rumor that Umbrella was written for Britney but she didn’t return the song writers calls! eek can you imagine!] So most news outlets hate this I kind of like it (and it’s been noted that it’s just a demo, it wouldn’t have reached the airwaves in this state). I’ve never alleged that I have the ear of a music critic, but it sounds like Britney to me!

I’m not alone in my die-hard Britney loving, there’s plenty of us. We live among you! We’ve seen her in concert, we’ve physically purchased her cd’s, we remember where we were when “Baby One More Time” premiered on MTV. Failed marriages, babies, bald heads galore, I’m still a fan (and that was a while ago anyway, she’s fine).

For your consideration I’ve complied a comprehensive list of fellow Spears lovers who agree with me:

10. music142228: the thing i love about miss spears is that she came from a town_ of 1,000 people, made the micky mouse club, went on starsearch and became the biggest star in the world. You know how hard it is to make it especially coming from the smallest town in the world and in the 90’s it was almost impossible to get a record contract compared to now!

9. starryx: You have no idea what you are talking about. It’s not covering when the song is nearly 2 years ago and it was written for Britney. Her album isn’t coming out until next year. This was leaked by someone who stole the song, not to get any “hype”. As if she needs hype when she gets #1 by her name alone. This is the best thing she’s done in year? Listen to “Blackout”, which is probably the best pop album in the last 10 years.

8. tarquinnblackwood: Brit would have killed in this track w/Gaga. Beyonce Schmeyonce.

7. Kakapo: “It sucks, like everything else Britney’s done since ‘Toxic.'” I would have to argue that BLACKOUT is pretty much a perfect album… if you like that sort of thing.


5. Fiddy_C: I LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE it! I don’t even care if it’s auto tuned… it’s a DEMO people! Which means it’s not DONE!!! Britney is fierce I LOVE her!!!!! MORE THAN GAGA AND X-TINA!!!! NO CONTEST!!!! lol

4. GHETTO FAB: Video Phone??? That thing was an Epic Fail!!! They only place i’ve ever heard that trash is at the strip clubs lmao. Britney didn’t need Telephone. She can practially sing the phone book and as long as the beat is danceable, the song will fly up the charts. She has the ultimate fans. As of right now I don’t think anyone from this new generation has a fan base that can go toe to toe with Britney’s.

3. Feeva: was expecting the worst and was pleasantly surprised. great demo

2. bloodshy: damn britney looks fine in that pic. oh yea the song–very auto-tuned but i think it does sound like britney spears and it sounds gooood

1. robrice311: Gaga, Imma let you finish…. but Britney is one of the best selling female pop artists of all time!!!!

There you have it! Make up your own mind!

And gaga:

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