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Lady Who???

So Mrs. Aguilera’s forthcoming Bi-on-ic has totally leaked and it looks like a bulk of the material on the album is a mix of so-so, kinda-danceable, kinda naughty, kinda techno-poppy, kinda cool, but ultimately forgettable production-heavy tunes. And the video for Not Myself Tonight is admittedly… um… a lot –though it is extravagantly art directed within an inch of its life, boasting pristine set-pieces and there’s something about that that I sort of admire (is that bad?). But Woo Hoo, featuring Nicki Minaj, is a catchalicious dirt-i-fied little ditty that is TOTALLY on my gym mix… ahem, on repeat. And then… there is this:


Ugh, she’s so good when she’s just singing. Christina, I know you think you’ll get bored sitting on a stool with only a microphone to wield. But your powers lie within. And if you just indulged this lyrically/melodically minimalist awesomeness that you CLEARLY have an ear for, you’ll win over EVERYONE and no one would ever ask you to ‘explain’ that video anymore (which, btw… is it doubling as an ad for your PERFUME? Cause, that’s weird annoying).

To end, I will just say: I SO do not support this Christina vs. Gaga nonsense. But seriously… Lady Gaga can’t do that shit.

3 thoughts on “Lady Who???”

  1. Juan Carlos Pineiro Escoriaza says:

    it’s sort of interesting because Aguilera has re-invented her style from urban to avant garde and for some reason it doesn’t come across as genuinely as Gaga. So style points and just being herself to me has to go to the Lady, but I think you’re right about the singing ~Top marks Aguilera.

  2. Ji-Un Kwon says:

    I agREE.

    Look. She has every right to booty dance and wear spandex if she wants to. And I get that she doesn’t just want to park herself in front of the microphone dressed in an evening gown, crooning songbook standards for the rest of her career.

    But that voice is just… it can be such a shame sometimes. le sigh.

  3. Hawkes Klein says:

    This is my favorite xtina look

    I feel bad the the whole 40’s swing thing didn’t work out, that was a cute idea.

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