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Jonah and Russell Play in NYC…

Hawkes is way more on top of her shit and already linked this video in her weekly Friday Round Up. But here it is again, for good measure (and to demonstrate that PopTenners are standup people who honor requests).

I’m a fan of Jonah. I am. Even when he shows up in rather unremarkable material. He makes me laugh… HARD. Russell Brand… jury’s still out. But he’s a Brit, so it could take longer than usual for a verdict to emerge (bias admission). I saw Sean Combs on Inside the Actor’s Studio (yes, Sean Combs). Say what you will about the mixed messages he sends out into the world (I have myself, many times), but this man is a worker. And folded into my very disparate opinions on his influence and relevancy, there is genuine respect for him as a human being.

Summation: I’d see it! Get Him to the Greek opens June 4!

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand at Diesel, NYC – “Get Him to the Greek” from thatsfunny on Vimeo.

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