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Friday Round Up Is Back In Action!

Well well well. I missed a week! I was home sick and realized that I’m home sick on Friday’s more than I really should be and I didn’t want to call attention to it and I had a lot of CSI to catch up on! So yeah, I’m going to try to get to 20!

1. Speaking of CSI does anyone else in the world watch Vegas, NY and Miami in real time? (CSI Related Spoilers inside) I need some new CSI friends, please contact me if you’d like to talk about it! Vegas ended INSANE! Since the second thing that comes up in Google is “Laurence Fishburne Leaving CSI?” I have to believe that I’m not the only person who was on the edge of my seat! Don’t even get me started on CSI: Miami!!!! The Gay Assistant from “The Producers” tried to kill EVERYBODY!!!! It ends with Delko holding Ainsley Hayes and screaming for help! Speaking of, what the heck is up with Delko? Is he in, is he out? WHY DOES HE ALWAYS LOOK LIKE HE’S ABOUT TO CRY. Seriously Caruso, you need to start allowing your co-stars to wear sunglasses, it’s starting to strain their faces in unnatural ways and Ainsley Hayes’ current state of plastic face can’t handle that!

2. Oh is it season finale time? I hadn’t noticed. < /sarcasm >. So LOST ended and omg if you had any crack theory about what LOST was about, you were probably right in some way, so good for you I guess? I just think I’m going to avoid all shows that are described as character driven, because what that really means is annoying.

3. Check out my business cards!

Use the info to contact me!

4. Ji-un and I got a note that Jonah Hill and Russel Brand were in NYC promoting their movie and were asked if we could share it with you guys… and duh, of course! I’m open for suggestions (and also I think this movie should be pretty cute, I don’t hate Russel Brand, and I’m only mildly freaked out by Jonah’s t-rex arms)

Jonah Hill and Russell Brand at Diesel, NYC – “Get Him to the Greek” from thatsfunny on Vimeo.

5. Did you guys see the last episode of Castle? I yelled “You have GOT to be kidding me!” I’m so tired of people who are in love not being together! Suuuuuper lame. They’re going to Josh Lyman/Donna me for a few years aren’t they? Goddamnit.

6. Pulling that all in together, I was watching the finale of Castle and noticed that he plays poker with real life authors. So I was imdbing James Patterson and realized that another crime writer at the poker table was Stephen J. Cannell who wrote everything you’ve ever seen (and is incredibly old-man handsome, irrelevant but worthy of note), including 21 Jump Street. So I noticed that there’s a NEW 21 Jump Street announced and guess who’s the only actor confirmed, Jonah Hill. See what I did there?

7. You know the best sports city in the world?

Chicago, it’s like that.

8. BLACKHAWKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Let’s DO this!

9. This week the NFL offered the 2014 Superbowl to Giants Stadium! Wooooot! You think traffic to get out of a Bon Jovi Concert is bad, you have no idea. I love the idea of the SB being played in the snow! How fun would that be? Also, The Bears can totally handle it.

10. Not that the Bears are doing that great right now, there’s some internal conflict God Ditka had to step in:

Right? He’s like a stern but nice grandpa, there’s seriously some really good advice in there on how to react to negative comments. I 100% guarantee you that he has butterscotch in his pockets right now.

11. Since I missed last week I’m sure you’ve seen this but it’s worth watching again. I’ve worked in the private sector, they expect results.

12. Getting divorced? At least have some fun with it like this guy who created On the way out she left it behind, so he had to make use of it!

13. There is literally nothing I want to see less than Prince of Persia. Instead, I suggest that you watch this video of a The Prince of Persia’s son interviewing Jake Gyllenhaal about the role.

14. I take that back.

RT @mshowalter: I’m really looking forward to not seeing “Letters To Juliet” again this weekend.

RT @michaelianblack @mshowalter Can I not go with you?

15. I don’t read twilight for a few reasons, 1. I’m an adult, 2. Pale guys just don’t do it for me were I to chose a team I’d totally be “Team Werewolf guy who’s name is Taylor and is dating Taylor Swift which is way way too confusing.” There’s a difference between that and this:

Cross file that under “I wish I was dead I’m so embarrassed” and “Thank Ditka God there was no youtube when I was in high school” please.

16. I really DO want to see this:

It speaks to the almost 30 job searcher in me.

17. Click HERE at your own risk. There are these brothers in Switzerland who lied about being scientists and have a really popular TV show (file under: Europe is like whole ‘nother country) and they’ve had a ton of plastic surgery and it’s terrifying.

18. Husband stealing, non-flattering pants wearing, mediocre singing, lucky she can play the piano otherwise she wouldn’t be famous Alicia Keys is pregnant. Golf Claps.

19. Looking for a great twitter feed to follow? Check out @BPGlobalPR it’s amazing.

Just woke up from a terrible nightmare. I was driving a Prius and I kissed my wife on the lips. #bpcares

20. FINALLY! woot! I made it to 20! Remember my first Round up? I’m talking to you, my only fan, you know who you are. Well that was all the way back in FEBRUARY and I talked about buying these:

Well t-minus 3 days and I can FINALLY wear them!

Happy Memorial Day friends!

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