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Friday Round Up Had a Long Week!

1. This article on CNN just gave me about 45 panic attacks, for several reasons. A. Crazy much? and B. Embarrassing much? and C. Congratulations on finding someone who’s also crazy, I guess? If this were a made for tv movie I’d walk out of the room out of sheer embarrassment right now.

2. There are terrifying rumors around the internet that NBC has CANCELED Law & Order!!! What a bummer man! I mean, I get the argument that we don’t technically NEED more Law & Order, but there’s also the case to be made that tons of young New York actors depend on Law & Order gigs. It’s sort of a rite of passage! Sucks to take it away!

3. Betty White’s SNL could have royally blown it… but it was FREAKING AMAZING!! Even better was the comeback of some of SNL’s best women:

4. UK Prime Minister (I guess? Co-prime Minister? #1 Prime Minister?) David Cameron and his wife posed for some pretty great “young professional couple having their flat renovated” back in 1995. You can see them HERE. Side note: I love the term “fresh-faced” to describe someone before they got old.

5. For the record I prefer Samantha Cameron NOW.

6. Speaking of first ladies, This new HBO Clinton/Blair movie looks awesome, and this is only a seconds long preview.

7. Legendary actress Lena Horne passed away this week. I’m beginning to fear that everything classy is about to be gone forever.

8. Not that it really matters since the Gulf Oil Spill is probably TEN TIMES WORSE THAN ORIGINALLY THOUGHT! Soooo see you on the flip side, earth.

9. In her latest “I’m good at math and also very desperate even though I haven’t been in anything for like, 20 years” cry for help Danica McKellar has posed for Maxim. The 12 year old you can rejoice.

10. Since I don’t feel too cheerful, here’s a little something to look forward to!

Here’s to hoping next week is funner!

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