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Monthly Archives: April 2010

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04.12.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

1. EVENT An Engagement The pain comes later: the organizing of the wedding, the epic battle known as an invite list, the joy of two families figuring out how to combine for at least one day and hopefully the rest of life. But first there’s

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Friday Round Up is Sorry for the Tardy!

So many things to do! So many email accounts that are building up and building up! I’m sorry pop-tenners! I actually have some good stuff for you this week! 1. Bam Margera is alive! I don’t even mind that he’s suspected of cheatin’, I’m just

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Top Ten Neko Case Songs

Neko Case will never use auto tune. Ever. She’ll tell you so herself. Her voice is too powerful a beast—deep and brutal and pining to tempt. The Alexandria-born, Tacoma-raised musician resents being pigeonholed. I’ve seen her style described as alt country (gross), indie rock and

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Here’s to 56 years of Jackie Chan!

“Don’t try to be like Jackie. There is only one Jackie…. Study computers instead.” – Jackie Chan Today, 56 years ago, Jackie Chan decided to grace the world with his presence. I’d like to think that it went like this: the heavens opened up. Baby

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04.05.10 My Top Ten RIGHT NOW

In place of my usual column of ten cultural events, I feel the need to take a pause and address something by far more important and culturally damning than any trifle I might have experienced this past week. I have spent a good deal of

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Friday Round Up is Working From Home!

Happy Good Friday friends! I always thought that I’d love working from home, but today I’m starting to see that it would probably not be the most productive thing for me. I’m watching CSI:NY and just ate about a pound of pasta. This week’s round