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Friday Round Up FTW!

Ah what a week! For the first time, in a long time, it felt like it flew by! Usually by the time we get to Wednesday I’m like HOW ON EARTH CAN IT ONLY BE WEDNESDAY! We got all the way to Friday and I’d probably forget that we made it here if I wasn’t wearing jeans! My usual helpful round up elf had the week off from work, so bear with me! 1. Victor sent this to me yesterday: Hilarious right? 2. Which is a good transition to this: Aaaaaaaaaaaand I wish I were dead. How much more terrible can a movie possibly look in a trailer? I’d personally finance Shrek 7 in 4D to avoid ever,

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EVER ever having to hear Renee Zellweger sing again. This is like after I accidentally watched 11:14 and wished to all things holy that I could erase it from my memory. 3. Obvious Exception to the RZ Rule. 4. I had a super bizzare shopping experience this week. I ordered a dress from eShakti (Google: bring people here, eShakti review dress online shopping review review). They have a lot of custom options which is really cool for someone who likes their skirts a littler longer, a certain sleeve type etc. So I ordered the dress two week ago and they have a button that says “We ship in 3 days!” so I assumed it would come soon… it ended up taking like 9 days and came in the teeny tiniest package ever by way of the entire continent of Asia. What I failed to realize is that even though they have an office in Washington, their stuff is made and shipped from India. So just keep that in mind. The dress I ended up with is B-e-a-u-t-i-f-u-l and has a lot of really interesting details that I don’t see anywhere else! 5. … although put a little starch in them and all of a sudden they’d belong on this season’s Project Runway! Am I right people? Gills, everywhere! I’m talking to you Jay! ( is super slow right now or I’d link) I won’t spoil last night’s Project Runway Finale for you, if you haven’t watched it yet. I WILL however tell you not to watch the reunion show, it’s lame (I would hyper-link in the world lame but I want to warn you first that this contains a spoiler — lame.) 6. How delicious do these look? 7. Here’s a nice story. 8. I’m tired. 9. Did you know there’s an older sister Jackson? She did this (warning: it’s terrifying) 10. And here’s another video that friend of P10 Michael Liebowitz found: Huzzah! And out. Have a good weekend!

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