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10 Reasons to Not-Hate This SNL Performance by Ke$ha **Updated**

I know you want to hate this. It’s CLEARLY not the most original ground-breaking awesome music ever made in the entire world ever. Give the girl a break, she made it to SNL. At a digital age when people fast-forward through musical acts 90% of the time* Ke$ha gives us some simple reasons to press play.

1. She’s super nervous, cute

2. She’s not lip-synching, good for her

3. The dancers have Astronaut helmets

4. The entire band has Astronaut helmets

5. Nice Elvis cape

6. Is that a light harp around 3:00?

7. It doesn’t even matter because of what happens at 3:10

8. What the h is happening? I feel like I’m taking crazy pills

9. I really hope I dream about dancing space people tonight

10. Confetti!

See? That wasn’t that bad!

Holy crap look at the other one! I don’t even know what the right words are, clearly screaming for attention, but like also interesting…

* not a real statistic.

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