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Top Ten Videos Showing the New Iranian Revolution

There is open revolt in Iran right now. I have seen it. For the last two days videos of the people asserting their freedom in the face of tyranny have appeared on youtube. The online video sharing site is a bastion for freedom. Iranians may not have the freedom of speech, but they speak. The government is powerless silence them. These are the top ten videos of the Ashura protests in no order They are hard to watch and have some horrific moments. They are also a deeply moving display of a people striving to be free. Warning! these videos are graphically violent.

Massive Peaceful Street protest

Baseej Militia Overpowered by a crowd

Policeman Pulled from car and hit

Police Van Flipped

Protestor Killed by Police Truck

Pitched skirmish with tear gas and shooting.

Burning Baseej Building

Crowd surges against Baseej and takes their helmet

Men rescued from being hung by huge crowd of opposition December 22nd. Probably at least one died.

Crowd crowd holds beaten policeman then durns down police station. A man is killed at the end.

Special thanks to Andrew Sullivan for keeping me informed.

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