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Daily Archives: September 29, 2009

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The 7th Generation of War

Ah, the console wars, a debate as eternal as the dubbed vs subtitled anime one. I’ve always tried to stay out of it, as my reasoning for getting my Xbox 360 laid in my disability. With the recent price cut, and my subsequent purchase, of

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Peanuts by Charles Bukowski

The best 2.0’d comic strip since Garfield Minus Garfield. I love me some Bukowski, and I can’t think of a better mash-up for his talents. Peanuts by Charles Bukowski. This opens up a whole world of comic mash-ups I’d like to see. Cartoonists take note!

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Vote Today!

Oh Hello Internet. If you live in NY and are a Democrat might I take this chance to remind you that today is a Runoff Primary? Record low turnout (which means no lines!) so you can just pop buy your polling place on your way