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List of Demands

The story behind how I stumbled upon this man of genius is rather simple.

My roommate took a quiz that provided a result of ‘what rapper are you most like’. His score proved to assimilate him to this guy Saul Williams.

I’ve never heard of him until the point where my roommate showed me who he was proclaimed to be most like. All I can say is thank you for taking that quiz Joe.

If you’ve ever read my Weekly Theoretical, you’ll understand why I deeply enjoy the words and methodology of this profound poet.

In either direction, I’d like to share with you Saul Williams and his List of Demands. Enjoy!!

Next video auto plays after the jump.

I do apologize for the weirdness of this embed….Youtube tried to not allow me to embed, so…I jacked the code.

One thought on “List of Demands”

  1. Andrew Monkelban says:

    @________@ The autoplay scared the hell out of me

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