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Top Ten Commercial Songs (or, why i don’t fast forward)

I watch a lot of television, I will not argue that point. However, until recently I never typically watched commercials in this age of tivo. I recently let whatever was on my dvr keep running through the ads (gasp!) and heard such a beautiful song. I had to know what it was. It took me a little while to google, since I didn’t actually remember what the commercial was for (it was AT&T), but I finally found it-

Landon Pigg – Falling in Love at a Coffee Shop.

I realized I had fallen in love with a lot of songs and artists this way, and searched my music collection to see if I could find my top ten songs from commercials. I am proud to say I could! After the jump, the other 9, as well as a link to stream the full songs.

Stream the mix here.

Marlena Shaw & Diplo – California Soul

I actually found this song while I was searching for a different Dockers commercial that used Etta James’ Sunday Kind of Love and totally love it. I included that as a bonus track if you click to stream.

Sharlene Hector – I Wish

I used to hate when they would play the 30 second version of this one. It gets so much prettier when the gospel vibe comes in halfway through.

Joe Purdy – Wash Away (Reprise)

I love Joe Purdy. I also love the quack at the end. I wish it were in the real song. Kind.

Hem – Half Acre

I’ll admit I knew this song before I saw the commercial. But I like the pay-it-forward aspect.

Cat Power – How Can I Tell You

Apparently, she did not record this anywhere else but for this commercial. Which is sad, because I have heard many versions of this, and Cat Power does it best. I’ve streamed the original Cat Stevens.

Peggy Lee – I Enjoy Being a Girl

This song is old-timey and cute. Plus the first few seconds make me want to get up and dance. In an old-timey way.

Hall and Oates – I Can’t Go For That
Sadly, I cannot find a video of this commercial. Anywhere. If you can, please PLEASE put a link in the comments. It was this great deadpan sing-a-long with the Wendy’s counter staff.

Starrfadu – Let It Out

Credit for this one goes to my friend Doris. We think she was actually referring to a different Kleenex commercial, but as soon as she said the brand, I remembered “the couch”. It’s a cute concept, with the perfect song.

Mysto & Pizzi – Somebody’s Watching Me

Did you really think I could make it through this whole list without Geico? I am in love with the money with eyes. Gecko and Caveman, I mean, who needs them when you have a Rockwell remix as awesome as this? For the record my favorite is when they are in the boardroom and he is a window washer. But I couldn’t find that video.

9 thoughts on “Top Ten Commercial Songs (or, why i don’t fast forward)”

  1. Aaron says:

    Great picks… Some I had never seen before and really enjoyed. One of my favorites, not listed since it’s a Washington State favorite is

    Check it out and see if you agree 🙂 Maybe as 11th…

  2. Ski says:

    I’m very surprised you didn’t put up the Acura Commercial!!!! Citizen Cope’s ‘Let The Drummer Kick’

    The best commercial song I’ve heard in a long time. If you don’t know it, check it ouuuuutt!!!

  3. Morgan Holzer says:

    True, that is a good song, but Acura ruined it by talking over practically the entire thing.

    that bird commercial made me a bit teary. loved it. it appears that the song was a snippet composed just for that purpose, therefore no new band to discover- however the same guy has done a lot of well-scored commercials:

  4. doris says:

    awesome list here. i think i’m gonna find myself paying more attention to commercials from now on. what a great idea for a post! 🙂

  5. Victor Pineiro says:

    so psyched you included Hem’s “Half Acre” from one of my all-time favorite albums!

    even more glad that they got some commercial work from it- those guys are criminally underplayed/unknown, though no album can begin to touch their first…

  6. nO cAN dO fAN says:
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  9. peter says:

    U forgot dell’s lollipop song XD

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