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Daily Archives: July 23, 2009

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This JUST happened!

I’m not usually one to take pictures of strangers. I saw an old man taking a pictures of a kid with plugs in his ears on the train and I genuinely felt bad for the kid (even though plugs are ridiculous and stupid). Anyway this

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GI Joe Film Festival

This Saturday, ladies and gentlemen, the 92nd Street Y brings us a truly epic film festival. (One that I wish I’d heard about earlier so we could’ve entered!) From Tomax to Xamot, and I’m sure featuring Zartan and possibly Serpentor, prepare to be Sgt. Slaughtered

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Amazon CEO Knows This Much is True…

Hi Guys- missed all of you- have been away on the honeymoon for the past few weeks! As you can imagine, a lot has been gathering in my mind since then, and I’m forecasting a fair amount of verbal diarrhea from over here. Lots of