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Daily Archives: May 6, 2009

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Genius. A Redefinition.

Genius is misunderstood. Not Geniuses- the concept of Genius. Most people I’ve spoken to about intelligence have a lot of misconceptions about it- how it works, its value and its presence in different people. It’s something I think about a lot. And it’s something that’s

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The YouTube Kinetoscope: Simply Mind-Blowing

Somebody created a visual masterpiece here, a tool to unlock a certain potential from YouTube. Beautiful stuff here. No need to waste words describing it- you have to see it for yourself. Start by watching THIS VIDEO. Then pick your own video HERE. And when

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Q&A: No Doubt Style

Got a Stupid No Doubt Question? I Have Answers!! No Doubt’s back!!!!!!!! Back in action, back touring, back writing new tunes! It’s time to clear up some common misconceptions! After the jump I answer some of the ridiculous questions I’ve been asked this past week.

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2 More Reasons Japan Makes US Look Outdated

Just….check this out! How fcuking cool is this? Anyone notice how it works? Yeah, pretty much like a digital/electronic etch-a-sketch that can be printed!!! Whatttttt?!?!?! This is way cool. It clearly needs a lot of development, but it’s definitely a huge upgrade and extraordinarily tree