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Daily Archives: May 5, 2009

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Top 20 Jukebox Hits of All Time

So this mix has been a long, long time coming. I started thinking about it when I made my karaoke mix. What is the difference between a great karaoke song and a great jukebox song? Many times it is nothing at all. I think, for

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Top Grand Canyon Animal Encounters

In anticipation of celebrating my mom’s 65th birthday my family floated and camped through the Grand Canyon for seven days. Because of the killer rapids and strict regulation we went with a guided group. OARS had every thing from filet minon to guides with comprehensive

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De La Sole?

Everybody’s favorite plugs have teamed up again with Nike! Again!! That’s right folks, De La Soul has been involved with Nike, once before when Nike granted them their own shoe a few years back. You heard me right. Before Kanye got the Air Yeezy, the