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Robert Pattinson Smells

I’m absolutely fascinated with what people will report in this world. Sure, we have the crazy goings on over with the Spear’s clan, hair being chopped off, babies riding in laps in the front seat. And sure there’s Lil Miss Lohan still going crazy despite being in a committed lesbian relationship, we all had hopes this would turn things around, but, ummm, did anyone see the successful attempt to enter Jack Nicholson’s house in the middle of the night to avoid the paparazzi?

But then I go and read this little report from People Magazine and I think to myself, we really care way too much about our celebrities. Sure, Robert Pattinson is a “huge star” right now, so anything he does is going to be scrutinized, including how he affects other people’s noses. But this isn’t even the first report about this, his daily cleansing rituals have been discussed because apparently the man doesn’t believe in washing his hair all that frequently (something I support myself as my hair tends to look much better with a little less washing and a little more natural grease… see, it’s too much information and none of you people even know me!)

Beyond that, this article goes on to discuss other celebrities who have been accused of being a little ripe now and again. And apparently we forgive this because they are celebrities. I don’t know, I love celebrity gossip. I love when these people do something truly human. And at the end of the day, after watching the new of financial crisis and tough times ahead, I sort of welcome this ridiculousness with open arms while at the same time mocking our celebrity centric culture. But this one pushes me a little too far into the ridiculous…

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