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Y’all know how I feel about Twitter. People who don’t “get it” say things like “why would I possibly want to know what everyone is doing all the time?” YOU JUST DO! That’s the brilliant time we’re living in, folks! I had no idea I needed to know what George Stephanolopous’ kids eat for breakfast or when Shaq goes to the mall. But now that I know my life will never be the same! I’m so LUCKY to live in a time with all this brillz technology!

I’m sitting on the couch watching old episodes of House (I just watched the pilot, it’s weird everyone was much thinner in 2004) and putting the Twitter page together, so let’s just do everyone a favor and call this the “beta” version (aka the colorful version before Juan and Chris get home and ixnay my logo tiling.)

Anyway! Follow us!

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