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It’s been so long since I’ve seen your face, so long since I’ve been to first base

I am physically unable to stop singing this song in my head today, I’ve watched the video in silent like 4 times… you had my heart my soul my attention… but you walked out my life with my CD COLLECTION!

Boy bands, is this topical? Proooobably not! I used to have a t-shirt that said “I heart boybands” back when I weighed a lot less and wore t-shirts and jeans as opposed to my current wardrobe of caftans and pup-tents. It was a simpler time… when my sister would cry about Justin everyday and framed a skirt that Lance touched (btw they’re both gay now) even though it was mine!

It was spring 2000 when I actually dated a boy in a boy band… sadly, not Justin. He lived in a hotel like a rock star, he had a publicist, I wasn’t allowed to hold his hand at the mall because he got recognized… he wore glitter in his hair to prom.

With all the b-bands to choose from my heart belongs, of course, to (2) 2gether! I mean they had to stop performing because one of them DIED for f’s sake if that isn’t pure rock and roll I don’t know what is! My friend Clarissa actually got mad at me and wanted to fight over Chad I stayed home on Friday nights to watch the show on MTV, you can’t rent it or buy it anywhere but Julia found a $40 VHS version on Amazon and it really might have been the best purchase of all time.

What is it about a group of adolescent boys with their shirts off that’s so appealing (don’t answer that, Lou Pearlman). We laugh we cry we spend hours trying to figure out why Jessica Beil looks so angry all the time even though she sleeps with Justin. We seriously consider buying the rights to and if you even try to tell me there isn’t a video of you dancing to Bye Bye Bye somewhere I’ll call you a liar to you face! Since the British invasion of 1960-something we’ve been drawn to it, and you know what I like it that way!

So as I get older not much as changed about my music taste… I still curse the gods that I wasn’t born in a time where I could have seen Elvis, I still receive 2gether cds for my birthday (thanks Nicole!), and even though my sister is living comfortably with her girlfriend her main goal in life is still to sleep with Justin.

In a related note, I got my Elvis beach towel back from vinny finally!

I can’t believe I went out with a kleptomaniac!

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